(434d) Realisation of Large-Scale Green Ammonia Plants | AIChE

(434d) Realisation of Large-Scale Green Ammonia Plants


Will, M. - Presenter, thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions
The global ammonia production is nowadays mostly based on fossil energy carriers (natural gas, coal, naphtha, etc.). It consumes approximately 1.4% fossil energy carriers and releases more than 1.4% of global CO2 emissions.

In order to continue the global transition from the fossil fuel and nuclear energy age to the renewable energy age, ammonia could play a key role. Beside the continued utilization for fertilizer industry, ammonia could become an energy and/or hydrogen carrier as well.

thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions (tkIS) developed a concept to establish Green Ammonia Plants as an alternative to conventional world-scale ammonia plants. As industry leader in electrolysis (AWE technology) and ammonia business (uhde® ammonia synthesis), tkIS combines the knowledge in both technologies to offer electricity-based ammonia plants in the near future.


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