(414f) Cohesive Particle Segregation and Granular Rheology | AIChE

(414f) Cohesive Particle Segregation and Granular Rheology


Liu, S. - Presenter, University of Pittsburgh
McCarthy, J. J., University of Pittsburgh
Cohesion can play an important role in the behavior of granular materials and is pervasive in industrial practice. Moreover, cohesive interactions can dramatically impact the rate of segregation as well as the overall degree of mixing attained. In this work, the segregation of granular material under wet conditions is investigated in a simulated shear cell. The segregation rate of both dry and wet granular materials is measured and compared. We find that our previous theoretical and computational results for dry density segregation – which leverages granular rheology via the inertia number to predict particle density segregation – can be modified in a simple way to yield similar predictions for wet conditions. By doing so, we extend the utility of our proposed connection between rheology and granular segregation to be applicable for both wet and dry granular flows.