(377d) Correlation of Kinematic Viscosities for CO2 + Co-Solvent Systems at High Pressures By Modified Eyring and Wilson-Visco Method

Tochigi, K., Nihon University
Matsuda, H., Nihon University
Kurihara, K., Nihon University
Funazukuri, T., Chuo University
Rattan, V. K., Panjab University
A mixture of CO2 and a co-solvent is widely employed as a solvent or mobile phase for supercritical fluid extraction, chemical reaction, supercritical fluid chromatography etc. Kinematic viscosity is one of important transport properties, and is required for designing chemical process as well as estimating dimensionless numbers such as Reynolds number, Schmidt number, Prandtl number [1,2]. A more accurate estimation method for kinematic viscosity is increasingly demanded. The authors have proposed the estimation method using modified Eyring and activity coefficient equations [3-6].

This paper deals with the estimation of kinematic viscosities for CO2 + acetone , n-decane, water systems at high pressures using the modified Eyring and Wilson-VISCO model given by the following equations.


The pressure and temperature ranges are as follows;

7–35 MPa and 323–398 K for CO2 + acetone system [7]

7-30 NPa and 310-403 K for CO2 + n-decane system [8]

-100 MPa and 274-449 K for CO2 + water system [9]


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