(376v) Properties, Processing and Performance of Aromatic Ionic Polyimides and Polyamides As Gas Separation Membranes

Dennis, G. P., University of Alabama
O'Harra, K. E., University of Alabama
Bara, J. E., University of Alabama
We have synthesized a variety of ionenes (main-chain polycations) via condensation reactions which results in complex, highly aromatic ionic polyimides and ionic polyamides. These imidazolium-based ionenes are designed from aromatic precursors derived from imidazoles and analogous dihalides. Furthermore, these ionenes are also able to interact with and “hold” ionic liquids (ILs) within their structures. The addition of IL creates unique ordering effects and often increases the processability of the ionic polyimides and polyamides. This presentation will discuss our characterization and processing of aromatic ionenes, the impact of adding IL to the material, and their use as gas separation membranes.