(376ag) Modeling and Optimization of Membrane Based Process for CO2 Separation from Flue Gas

Chu, Y. H., Korea Institute of Energy Research(KIER)
Yeo, J. G., Korea Institute of Energy Research
Lee, J. H., Korea Institute of Energy Research
A two-stage membrane process is proposed to efficiently separate high purity CO2 from flue gas via statistical analysis and simulation study. To collect data representing CO2 separating performance such as CO2 recovery rate and CO2 concentration at the permeate side, experiments at various operating conditions have been conducted with a membrane devised for CO2 separation from flue gas. Preliminary analysis for the data makes it possible to understand features of the membrane including relationship between the operating conditions and the above performance indices. Then, a statistical model to predict the performance indices with the operating conditions has been built and inserted into a simulation program. With the simulation program, we can perform various case studies, so that the optimal operating condition can be found out while both minimizing the number of real experiments and considering constraints of equipment.