(375n) Conduction and Convection Heat Transfer in a Rotary Drum Using an Integrated PIV/IR Technique

Adepu, M., Arizona State University
Emady, H. N., Arizona State University
A new measuring technique for studying heat transfer in a multiphase rotary drum is proposed using infrared (IR) thermography. An infrared camera is used to record images to give instantaneous thermal and hydrodynamic data of the solid bed inside the drum. The established technique particle image velocimetry (PIV) is performed on the IR images to obtain combined quantitative (i.e., hydrodynamic and thermal) data sets. The combined technique provides insightful information on the conduction and convection heat transfer mechanisms in a rotary drum.

This work also aims to investigate the effects of rotation speed, fill level, particle size and their interaction effects on the conduction and convection heat transfer mechanisms in rotary drums. For this, the discrete element method (DEM) (using MFIX-DEM, an open-source computational fluid dynamics solver suite) simulation technique is used to analyze the thermal behavior of spherical silica beads, which are the most common catalyst support material.