(372p) Using Wiki Technology to Streamline Your ABET Portfolio

Hadley, K., South Dakota School of Mines & Technology
Benjamin, K. M., South Dakota School of Mines and Technology
Alignment of evidence, artifacts, measurements, assessments, and evaluations against ABET criteria can be cumbersome for faculty to ensure the reviewer sees what they need to see. Specifically, our department utilized learning outcomes different from the ABET a-k outcomes. As such, a translation and alignment of our learning outcomes to the a-k outcomes was a challenge. As such, the portfolio was transferred to wiki technology embedded with hyperlinks and structured more like a digital file structure rather than a series of notebooks. The authors will present how the wiki technology works, how the portfolio was transferred, and how the hyperlinks helped streamline analysis by the reviewer. If time allows we will also share how digital tools like the CATME and the concept warehouse helped provide evidence for some of the learning outcomes.