(325i) Sculpting Diffusiophoretic Migration with Reactive Solutes | AIChE

(325i) Sculpting Diffusiophoretic Migration with Reactive Solutes


Tang, X. - Presenter, Northeastern University
Shi, N., University of California Santa Barbara
Squires, T., University of California at Santa Barbara
Despite the ubiquitousness and significance of diffusiophoresis in many scientific systems and industrial applications, only in recent years has direct visualization and quantitative measurement of diffusiophoretic migration become common. Using microfluidic Hydrogel Membrane Microwindows to impose strong but hydrodynamically stable concentration gradients, we explore diffusiophoresis under complex chemical gradients. Here, in particular, we describe the impact of reacting solutes, and outline a general conceptual strategy to manipulate colloids diffusiophoretically, using both theoretical models and experimental observations.