(294b) Facile and Scalable Fabrication of Sulfur Cathodes Via Air-Controlled Electrospray

Lee, J. H., Cornell University
Divvela, M. J., Cornell University
Joo, Y. L., Cornell University
Lithium-sulfur batteries (Li–S) are rising as one of the next-generation energy storage devices because of their high theoretical capacity and energy density. In addition, this battery system utilizes sulfur as the active material, which is non-toxic and abundant. Despite these striking advantages, there are some limitations to this technology that remains unsolved. Herein, we propose a facile and effective strategy to construct three-dimensional porous electrodes for Li-S battery applications. Through the means of air-controlled electrospraying process, cathode materials can be coated uniformly onto the current collector in the absence of any cracking or pinholes, and the thickness and morphology of electrodes were able to be controlled easily by tuning the experimental condition such as deposition time, electrical field, feeding rate, solution concentration etc. Electrochemical evaluations have revealed that the improved cycling and rate performance were attributed to the 3D open porous structure with well-developed conductive network, suggesting high prospects of this coating approach being applied in Li-S batteries.