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(281c) Future Manufacturing Platforms


Luciani, C. - Presenter, Eli Lilly and Company
Seibert, K., Eli Lilly and Company
O'Mahony, C., Eli Lilly
McFarland, A. D., Eli Lilly and Company
Karry, K., Eli Lilly
Roth, W., Eli Lilly & Co.
Frederick, M., Eli Lilly
Johnson, M., Eli Lilly and Company
O'Keeffe, S., Eli Lilly and Company
Collins, P., Eli Lilly
Within R&D at Eli Lilly, a new capability team was created to identify, design, develop and tests new and/or improved manufacturing platforms into internal and external manufacturing network for both drug substance (DS) and drug product (DP). Future Manufacturing Platforms (FMP) goal is to ensure that chemistry, engineering and analytical solutions can meet future manufacturing needs, exploit new/improved technologies and help accelerate commercialization of medicines.

Responsible for prioritizing areas of investment, the recent journey of FMP will be highlighted. This includes the identification of technical gaps, development of external partners and academic collaborations, and the understanding of the regulatory environment to influence the adoption of new/improved manufacturing platforms. A few case studies will be presented.