(278a) A Call to Service – Areas of Focus Where You Can Contribute and Make a Difference to Engineering

Visco, D. P. Jr., University of Akron
In this work, I will provide brief insights as to why (I think) I have been involved in service to my profession throughout my career. However, I will mostly focus on a call to the audience for service in a variety of areas (with justification as to why I think these are important areas). These include the following:

  1. Approaches to address the lack of educational experience for faculty candidates in engineering and what you can do about it.
  2. Safety, now more than ever, in the chemical engineering curriculum and where you can play a part.
  3. The next generation of engineering students – opportunities to attract and serve them.

My perspective as Associate Dean for five years and Dean for two years provides a broader context than only chemical engineering, but the challenges and opportunities are similar.

Enough time will be provided for questions and answers so that those in the audience can either delve deeper into a specific area (and my perspective) or provide their own thoughts.