(243b) Integrated Solar-Thermochemical Reactor/Gas Recuperator for Upgrading Light Hydrocarbons

Freiberg, L. - Presenter, Oregon State University
Lei, F., Oregon State University
Coblyn, M., Oregon State University
AuYeung, N., Oregon State University
Jovanovic, G. N., Oregon State University
Yokochi, A., School of Engineering and Computer Science, Baylor University
Concerning the reduction of fossil-energy use from industrial processes and transportation, concentrated solar power from parabolic reflectors is well suited for driving highly endothermic reactions that valorize CO2 and/or light hydrocarbons. In this study, an openable, lab-scale, directly-irradiated, solar-thermochemical millireactor – integrated with gas recuperation architecture – is designed, built and tested under simulated sun. Coupled on a single plate, steam reformation of methane and water gas shift reactions are explored as a route to hydrogen production. It is shown that integrated reactor/recuperator technology has potential to efficiently utilize solar input for higher value chemical production (>50%), as well as reduce the capital cost of current state of the art solar-hydrogen systems.