(223e) Informatics for Green and Sustainable Nanomaterials | AIChE

(223e) Informatics for Green and Sustainable Nanomaterials


Lewinski, N. - Presenter, Virginia Commonwealth University
Nanotechnology research momentum suggests that informatics approaches are tractable in the era of big data. However, there is still much to convey to researchers interested in harnessing the power of big data and informatics for promoting sustainable nanotechnology. This review focuses on current efforts to automate metric calculations, validate nanomaterial synthesis data, and incorporate informatics approaches to the assessment of nano materials. Perspective on current interlinked informatics and decision making systems is provided. This review links green nanosynthesis to holistic predictive nanomaterial life cycle assessment. Outcomes of applying informatics approaches to nanochemistry include more timely evaluations of green chemistry and sustainability in the context of nanomaterial route optimization and scale up.