(197k) Nanocomposite Ultra-Portable Sensor for on-Site Copper Detection in Potable Water

Wujcik, E. K., The University of Alabama
Lu, Y., The University of Alabama
Guo, Z., University of Tennessee
Yu, G., Lamar University
Wei, X., Lamar University
Jeon, J. W., The University of Alabama
We present the conception of a nanocomposite electrochemical sensor for on-­site/portable water analysis. This robust sensor was developed to quantify the amount of copper (in real-­time), alleviating the wait time, large sample size, possible contamination, and expensive analytical equipment associated with current procedures for water analysis. This sensor is composed of a multiwalled carbon nanotube (MWCNT) functionalized polymer mat, for a flexible yet conductive sensor. The MWCNTs are then functionalized with specific molecules which show high selectively towards the target metal ions. The optimization of MWCNTs and selective molecules functionalization, as well as the selectivity and sensitivity of the sensor will be discussed.