(193be) Advanced Ionic Polymers Inspired By Ionenes and High-Performance Polymers

O'Harra, K. E., University of Alabama
DeVriese, E., University of Alabama
Noll, D., University of Alabama
Jackson, E. M., NASA - Marshall Space Flight Center
Bara, J. E., University of Alabama
We are investigating the design and synthesis of complex monomers used to produce advanced ionic polymers. These materials are hybrids of ionenes, polymers which incorporate ionic groups within the backbone, and the structural elements typically associated with high-performance and ultra-high-performance polymers. Our HP- and UHP-ionene materials contain imidazolium cations along the main chain, rather than as pendant groups, which are tethered to imide, arylamide and other primarily aromatic linkages. Our methods take advantage of established chemistries that impart great control over repeat unit structure and regiochemistry. Through manipulation of substituent position and monomer end groups, we have expanded the opportunities for incorporating, spatially distributing, and alternating functional groups and significantly increased the potential molecular weight of the repeat unit. The multifaceted design of these polymer repeat units allows for tuning of thermal and mechanical properties through evaluation of the contributions and behavior of each monomer piece and functional group. This presentation will focus on the design of these customizable materials, including discussion of their synthesis, distinct physical properties, and application as advanced gas separation membranes, fibers, and 3-D printing materials.