(165c) Flow of Fluids with Evolving Rheology in Open Pipes and Static Mixers

Tozzi, E. J., Procter and Gamble
Hartt, W. A., Procter and Gamble
Shahsavari, S., Procter and Gamble
Laird, M., Procter and Gamble
Bacca, L. A., The Procter and Gamble Co
Johnson, R., Procter and Gamble
In many industrial applications fluids undergo rapid changes in rheology due for example to polymerization, heat transfer or other transformations. To adequately design continuous processes involving such flows one must account for the coupled effects between rheology kinetics and the generally non-uniform residence times. In this work we investigate the relation between pressure drop, residence time distribution and rheology kinetics and describe the application of various approaches including computational fluid dynamics, experiments, reduced order models and correlations using dimensionless numbers.