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(145a) Electrochemical CO2 Conversion to Valuable Chemicals


Jiao, F. - Presenter, University of Delaware
Converting greenhouse gas carbon dioxide (CO2) to value-added chemicals is an appealing approach to tackle CO2 emission challenges. The chemical transformation of CO2 requires suitable catalysts that can lower the activation energy barrier to minimize the energy penalty associated with the CO2 reduction reaction. Cu is the only monometallic catalyst that can produce an appreciable amount of C2+ products from CO2, while the C2+ selectivity of Cu must be further improved in order to be considered for commercialization. Here, we will present our work in developing an integrated two-stage electrolyzer stack system for the conversion of CO2 to alcohols. The first stage utilizes a silver catalyst in a flow cell capable of reducing CO2 to CO with faradaic efficiencies of >95% and partial current densities of >200 mA/cm2. For the second stage, a CO reduction flow cell using alkaline electrolyte can reduce CO to C2+ products with high selectivity and high current density. This work demonstrates the feasible production of multi-carbon alcohols via CO reduction at appreciable rates, and motivates further development of a two-stage electroreduction process of CO2 to alcohols.