(143f) Coarse-Grained Discrete Element Model for Powder Shear Flow

Nakamura, H., Osaka Prefecture University
Takimoto, H., Osaka Prefecture University
Ohsaki, S., Osaka Prefecture University
Watano, S., Osaka Prefecture University
A discrete element method (DEM) is widely used for numerical simulations of various powder handling processes. However, the DEM has a big issue of high calculation cost. Therefore, in the DEM simulation, the number of particles is limited. In order to overcome this issue, a coarse grained (CG) model has been proposed. In the CG model, a group of original particles is replaced to a single CG particle which is larger than the original particle. Thereby, a large-scale DEM simulation can be performed using much smaller number of particles than a number of original particles. However, the CG model for a powder shear flow is not proposed yet. In this study, a new CG model for a powder shear flow was proposed, which is maned as CGSF: coarse-grained method for granular shear flow.In the CGSF, the translational velocity distribution and frictional force generatd in a powder shear flow were considered in the coarse graining. The CGSF was applied in a rotating drum mixer. As a result, the CGSF was able to simulate powder flow of the original particles accurately.