(135c) Electricity from Asymmetric Chemical Doping of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes | AIChE

(135c) Electricity from Asymmetric Chemical Doping of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes


Liu, A. T. - Presenter, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Kunai, Y., Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Cottrill, A., Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Strano, M., Massachusetts Institute of Technology

There is a pressing need to find
alternatives to conventional energy generation techniques, specifically those
that power micro- and nanoelectronic systems with
upper bounds on device sizes. The concept of electricity
generation based on asymmetric chemical doping (ACD) of single-walled carbon
nanotubes is presented.

Specifically, ACD enables unique
power sources driven entirely by a chemical potential gradient of the
electrical carriers within the nanomaterial, established through a spatially
asymmetric interaction with the surrounding chemical environment. Short circuit
electrical current (11.9 μA mg−1)
and open circuit potential, in excess of 1.0 V, can be
reversibly produced by localized acetonitrile (CH3CN) doping under
ambient conditions. An inverse length-scaling of the maximum power as L−1.03
that creates specific powers as large as 30.0 kW kg−1
highlights ACD’s potential for microscale energy generation.

In this talk, I will introduce the
electron transfer mechanism that describes the electricity generation process
in ACD, as well as our efforts to evolve from organic-based molecular dopants
towards a system powered entirely through interactions with water molecules.
Apart from being used as a power source for environment-interfacing
microelectronic systems, which I will discuss on the basis of
a Colloidal State Machine invented recently, ACD also finds interesting
applications in electrochemistry. In particular, it
allows us to construct a particulate platform that generates “packets” of
electricity on demand, in solution, and drives electrochemical transformations
in situ by virtue of interacting with the solvent.


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