(123c) Closing the Circle on Design, Hardware, and Materials for Additive Manufacturing

Wilmot, N., The Dow Chemical Company

3D printing is a subset of additive manufacturing (AM) and represents an evolving set of tools and capabilities to prototype, and in some cases produce, new products in much faster iteration cycles than traditional subtractive processes. For 3D printing to reach its full potential as a viable large-scale manufacturing option, new advancements are still required across the three major segments of the industry – design, hardware, and materials – and to accelerate these advancements, highly collaborative efforts between the segments will provide 3D printing users with the quickest and best solutions for their production needs. The presentation will highlight the current state-of-the-art in materials for 3D printing, known existing property gaps, Dow’s vision for the future development and performance of 3D printable materials, and how the broader industry can collaborate to shorten the path to wider scale adoption of these tools in 21st century manufacturing.