(106g) Aspen Plus® Videos for Chemical Engineering Undergraduates | AIChE

(106g) Aspen Plus® Videos for Chemical Engineering Undergraduates


Shao, M. - Presenter, The University of Kansas
Rocha, A., The University of Kansas
The University of Kansas (KU) Department of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering (CPE) has introduced ASPEN Plus® in the sophomore level Material and Energy Balance (MEB) course using videos and handouts created by an undergraduate who has taken the course. The ASPEN Plus® modules teach MEB students how to create a chemical process – the hydrogenation of benzene to cyclohexane in the program, including reactors, heat exchangers, distillation columns, and multiple recycle loops. The presentation will highlight how the videos were created using Camtasia Studio 9 screen capture software, the advantages of traditional learning via handouts and more innovative learning through videos, and benefits of a “student teaching students” learning experience. The goal of the speaker (junior CPE undergraduate) is to create ASPEN Plus® training modules for each course of the KU CPE curriculum. Thus, by graduation, a library of videos will be available for students to use in all the chemical engineering courses at KU.