Biomaterials for Nucleic Acid Delivery | AIChE

Biomaterials for Nucleic Acid Delivery


Sullivan, M., University of Delaware


Wilson, J. T., Vanderbilt University
Alabi, C., Cornell University

This session will cover novel design principles that govern biomaterial design and evaluation for nucleic delivery applications with particular focus on how biomaterial properties (e.g. mechanical properties, chemical composition, degradation kinetics, micro/nano-structure, etc.) influence the delivery efficiency. Possible topics include, but are not limited to design of novel vehicles for nucleic acid delivery, stimuli-sensitive or targeted delivery, enhancement of delivery/transfection efficiency via specific biomaterial properties and the influence of biomaterial properties on intracellular trafficking and/or transport of nucleic acids. Graduate Students: By applying to this session you may be eligible for the Biomaterials Graduate Student Award Session established to honor the best graduate student submissions through recognition and cash awards. See the session titled “Biomaterials: Graduate Student Award Session” for details.



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