Advances in Catalysis for Hydrogen Production | AIChE

Advances in Catalysis for Hydrogen Production


Shekhawat, D., US Dept of Energy


Haynes, D., National Energy Technology Laboratory

This symposium will focus on fuel processing for applications that show potential to increase hydrogen production and utilization. Effective utilization of all fuels such as coal, petroleum-derived, natural gas, alcohols, and stranded energy resources such as wind and solar or thermal heat from nuclear, geothermal or solar, for select applications requires careful techno-economic analyses, technology development and system integration. Topics of interest will include, but are not limited to the following: • Catalytic reforming (POX, steam, dry, autothermal, decomposition) • Novel non-catalytic reforming technologies (e.g. plasma) • Hydrogen production from coal and/or renewable sources such as water splitting through electricity or thermal processes • Reactor design for fuel processors • Water gas shift, preferential oxidation, methanation • Fuel cleanup – desulfurization, tar cracking, etc. • Systems analysis/technology integration for fuel processors • Novel scenario and techno-economic analyses that demonstrate opportunities for increases hydrogen production to enhance that stability of the power grid through demand response and energy storage.


5:15 PM


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