Simulation of Aromatic Extraction Feedstock Separation By Dividing-Wall Column (DWC)


(1)The design and optimization of DWC is a question in process system engineering. With the development of computer simulation technology, processes can be simulated strictly. But the lack of reasonable initial parameters makes some process difficult to solve.

(2)Some factory of aromatic extraction uses naphtha(C3~C11) as feedstock, wasting extra energy and extractant to separate arene. DWC can be used to separate naphtha into C3~C5, C6~C8, C9~C11; C6~C8 can be used as source of aromatic extraction.


In this study, the DWC is transformed into a model of 3 simple columns. Fenske-Gilliland-Underwood method is used for each column to shortcut design. With the classification of Underwood roots, the optimized solution can be found, using Matlab Programming. Also this method is applied in aromatic extraction feedstock separation, and some initial parameters has been provided to strict simulation. On the basis of shortcut design, Aspen Plus is used to simulate DWC strictly.