Raman Spectroscopy for Undergraduate Laboratories

There are a variety of instruments that are used for quality control in industry. Each method has its own set of constraints such as long run times, extensive sample preparation, or destruction of samples. Recent advancements by MarqMetrix and Hellma, USA, have resulted in the design of the Reva Raman instrument that allows for simple, rapid, and nondestructive acquisition of Raman spectra. Raman spectroscopy can be used independently or in conjunction with other instrumental methods to analyze samples. Raman has a variety of applications such as identification, molecular feature analysis, and analytical analysis. Currently, Raman is rarely used in industry as very few people are familiar with this method. Most undergraduate chemistry major programs do not include an introduction to Raman spectroscopy throughout their four years. The objective of this project is to design labs using the Reva instrument for use at the undergraduate level.