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The adhesive properties and applications of a cured co-monomer mixture containing acrylated epoxidized soybean oil (AESO) were studied. In previous research, the film applications of the co-monomer mixtures was investigated. From this research it was gathered that they had a strong adhesion to glass. The co-monomers used in this study included styrene, polyester acrylate oligomer (CN2303), and tetrahydrofurfuryl acrylate (THFA). These co-monomers were mixed with AESO in different ratios. A photoinitiator, Irgacure 2022, was also added to the AESO/co-monomer mixture. The mixture was injected onto a glass slide, which was then pressed to another glass slide. The glass slide samples were cured under UV light for four, six, eight, or ten minutes. The samples underwent tensile testing to determine the breaking point of the adhesive. For ease of testing, each glass slide was fitted with a plastic piece to increase the friction of the hold of the tensile testing machine. The bio-based adhesive showed positive results that gave high levels of force required to break the overlapping point. Additionally, in some cases the glass slide broke before the adhesive failed.