(91b) A Study on the Explosion Characteristics in Blast Test Facility By Flammable Gas

Gye, H. R., Chung-Ang University
Lee, C. J., Chung-Ang University
Facilities to reduce the extent of damage caused by accidents such as flammable gas leaks, fire, and explosions in offshore plants are fire walls and explosive walls. Of these, The design of the explosion wall is performed through structural analysis by selecting the load derived from explosion experiment or simulation. However, this method can be applied only to the simple design of explosion-proof walls.

In this study, the congestion of the internal structure in the limited space and the explosion characteristics according to the combustible gas were confirmed by CFD simulation. The overpressure measured at the test facility when the congestion is 0.3 is large and these results can be referred to when designing the equipment for the blast test facility.