(89f) RD&D Needs for Sustainable Separations | AIChE

(89f) RD&D Needs for Sustainable Separations


Giraud, R. - Presenter, The Chemours Company
The road to a sustainable tomorrow is clearer now that innovators from across the chemistry enterprise have begun a collaboration to accelerate the industrial deployment of sustainable alternative separation (AltSep) processes in chemical manufacturing. Rooted in a partnership between the ACS Green Chemistry Institute Chemical Manufacturers Roundtable and the AIChE, AltSep aims to transform the way we apply separation process technology in chemical manufacturing. The first step in this transformation has been the creation of a technology roadmap for advancing the rational design and predictable, widespread industrial application of sustainable AltSep processes. These mass separating agent-based separation processes can slash the energy required for chemical separations through advances in modular process intensification. The roadmap has been built through broad collaboration across industry, academic institutions, and government. This presentation will outline key research, development, and demonstration (RD&D) needs identified by the roadmap.