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(7gd) Convergence As a Chemical Engineering Career


Jensen, C. - Presenter, Colorado School of Mines
My research experiences include deep dives in the areas of applied environmental study, energy in highly political settings, and sustainability education. My future interests invovle nanotechnology that can be applied to energy, environmental applications, and many aspects of life science. The core intersection of these topics embodies convergance. For example, making use of citizens and affordable analytical technology require skills beyond preparing engineers for chemical manufacturing plant settings. Further, SMART technologies to improve energy use and at human technology interfaces are in nascent stages of development and deployment. Both of these examples are areas that I am intersested in exploring and working with creative teams to tackle.

Research Interests: Data - materials convergence, sensors & networks, energy, nanomaterials, next generation catalysis, water, biomedical devices

Teaching Interests:  Sustainability education, student centered education, experiential learning, action research, policy