(7dq) Directed Self-Assembly of Blue Phases Single Crystal By Chemically Patterned Surfaces

Li, X. - Presenter, University of Chicago
Martinez-Gonzalez, J., University of Chicago
Zhou, Y., University of Chicago
Sadati, M., The University of Chicago
Zhang, R., University of Chicago
de Pablo, J. J., University of Chicago
Nealey, P. F., Argonne National Lab
Research Interests: My general research interests are the nanostructure of the soft matters (polymer and liquid crystals) and its applications, self-assembly behaviors, particle trapping, optical properties, and multifunctional nanocomposite materials. These include e-beam lithography to produce chemical patterned surface, assembly of liquid crystals at surface with designed alignment, 3D structures and optical property, characterization of nanostructures with various microscopes and spectroscopes, and explore their potential applications in biological sensors, photonic materials, liquid-crystal displays and energy related devices.

Teaching Interests: Through my teaching experiences, I have learned how to deliver a complicated idea in a simple and concise way. In addition, I have refined my way of communicating with students, simulating their interest in the courses, and helping to formulate their own ideas. I could readily offer courses in the following ares: Polymer Physics, Material Science, Polymer Thin Film, Physical Properties of Liquid Crystal, Nano Structure and Fabrication, Advanced Instrumental Analysis.