(78e) Stability Predictions for Dimethoxybenzene Based Catholyte Materials | AIChE

(78e) Stability Predictions for Dimethoxybenzene Based Catholyte Materials


Silcox, B. - Presenter, University of Michigan
Assary, R., Argonne National Laboratory
Zhang, J. J., Argonne National Laboratory
Thompson, L. T., University of Michigan
Zhang, L., Argonne National Laboratory
Tung, S. O., University of Michigan
Shkrob, I., Argonne National Laboratory
Nonaqueous redox flow batteries show promise for use as large-scale energy storage devices, but further work must be done to develop stable electroactive species. Here we describe a computational method for the systematic molecular design of dimethoxybenzene based catholyte materials. In particular key predictors of electrochemical stability for materials with different functional groups have been developed. The approach provides a computational stability prediction and high throughput screening method for future synthesis and electrochemical testing. Dimethoxybenzene compounds were synthesized and tested according to the predictions, which show promise for functional group variation within the molecular family. The application of a robust molecular screening method will decrease the time needed to identify promising molecules for further testing and aid design of novel electroactive materials.