(78c) 3D Carbon Materials for Electric Double-Layer Capacitors with Ultrahigh Areal Capacitance

Chang, L., Michigan Technological University
Hu, Y. H., Michigan Technological University
Electric double-layer capacitors (EDLCs) store energy by charge accumulation on the electrode/electrolyte interface. The characteristic of electrode materials can significantly affect the EDLC performance. 3D carbon materials can provide large surface area and high electrical conductivity. It reveals that symmetrical EDLCs with 3D carbon electrodes exhibited gravimetric capacitance of 138.4 F/g at current density of 1 A/g. Furthermore, a critical issue that the enhancement of mass loading usually sacrifices the gravimetric capacitance was solved by 3D carbon materials, an ultrahigh areal capacitance up to 1.14 F/cm2 can be obtained. The one-step synthesis procedure and scalable electrode make 3D carbon materials a promising candidate in large-scale application for capacitors.