(774a) Multifunctional Polymer Nanocomposites

Guo, Z., University of Tennessee
Wei, H., University of Tennessee Knoxville
Guo, J., University of Tennessee
Galaska, A., University of Tennessee
Wei, S., Lamar University
Qiu, B., Lamar University
Jiang, D., Northeast Forestry University
Gu, H., Tongji University
Zhu, J., The University of Akron

With more awareness of energy conversion/storage and saving, different strategies have been developed to utilize the sustainable and renewable energy. Introducing nanoscale fillers can make inert polymer matrix possess unique properties to satisfy certain functions. For example, alumina nanoparticles have strengthened the weak thermosetting polymers [1]. A combined mixture of carbon nanofibers and magnetite nanoparticles have made the inert epoxy sensitive to magnetic field for sensing applications [2]. Introducing silica nanoparticles into conductive polymers such as polyaniline has enhanced the giant magnetoresistance (GMR) behaviors [3]. The nanoparticles can enhance the stability of the energy storage in the conductive polymer systems [4,5]. The introduced nanoparticles endow the transparent polymer electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding function while reduce the density significantly [6-10]. With the desired miniaturization, the materials combining different functionalities have become importantly interesting [11].

In this talk, methodologies to prepare nanocomposites and their effects on the produced nanocomposites will be discussed. A variety of advanced polymer nanocomposites will be introduced. Unique properties including mechanical, electrical, optical, magnetoresistance etc. and their applications for environmental remediation, energy storage/saving, fire retardancy, electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding, and electronic devices, etc. will be presented.


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