(772c) Impact of Brine/CO2 Exposure on the Transport and Mechanical Properties of Mt Simon Rock Samples

Shi, Z., University of Southern California
Sun, L., University of Southern California
Jessen, K., University of Southern California
Tsotsis, T., University of Southern California
When sandstone rocks are exposed to CO2-saturated brine their transport and mechanical properties can change due to brine/CO2-induced chemical reactions. The present study investigates the change in the flow-through characteristics, porosity and the deformation of Mt Simon rock samples caused by exposure to brine/CO2. The subsamples, extracted from the Mt. Simon sandstone, were first characterized for their mechanical and transport properties, and then aged in CO2-saturated brine at pressures of 2500 psi and temperature of 50⁰C for one week. Following that, tests were carried out to measure the change in transport and mechanical properties of the rock. The changes in porosity were measured by the helium porosimetry method. The alteration in pore size distribution and flow-through characteristics were determined by the flow permporometry method. The changes in the brine composition were measured by ion chromatography. In addition, a brine-saturated Mt. Simon sandstone core was aged in a specialized core holder while the deformation of the core during CO2 invasion was detected in situ via an array of strain gauges.