(759f) Hybrid Nanocoatings of Graphene-ZnO-Binder on Steel Surfaces to Reduce Friction and Wear Under High Load Conditions

Pol, V. G., Purdue University
Dysart, A., Purdue University
Alazemi, A., Purdue University
A novel tertiary graphene-zinc oxide-PVDF composite film is developed on the steel surfaces as a solid-state lubricant for friction and wear reduction under extreme load conditions. Superior tribological performance was achieved under ambient conditions using a ball-on-disk tribometer with contact pressures up to 1.02 GPa and sliding distances up to 450 m. The graphene-rich lubricant demonstrates substantial friction and wear reduction (ca. 90 %) compared to unlubricated sliding. The exceptional tribological performance of graphene-rich composite is ascribed to the synergistic adhesion effect from zinc oxide on steel surface. Malleable zinc adheres graphene to the contact interface, maintaining improved tribological performance under high contact pressure. The stability and flexibility of this new hybrid adhesive coating suggest excellent potential as a dry lubricant for high load-bearing applications.