(700a) Multi-Functional Mixed Oxide Catalysis in Cascade Chemistry to Convert Ethanol to High Value Oxygenates

Guo, M., Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Ramasamy, K. K., Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Gray, M., Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
The development of alternative cleaner, safer, and environmentally friendly technologies is one of the priorities in chemistry for sustainable future. Cascade catalysis, which combines various chemical steps without separating the intermediates, can play a vital role in improving the sustainability of chemical processes via process intensification with high economic benefit. At PNNL we focus on developing the low cost multi-functional mixed oxide catalyst for the conversion of the bioethanol to high value compounds via cascade catalysis. Particularly, we are interested in synthesizing high molecular weight oxygen containing compounds that can be used as fuel additives or intermediate for infrastructure compatible fuel as well as chemical commodity. Recent work conducted at PNNL has demonstrated a novel pathway to selectively convert ethanol to higher alcohols at ~50% yields and >80% selectivity with stable catalyst life times above 600 hours, using a copper based hydrotalcite catalyst in a continuous flow reactor. In this presentation we will discuss the detailed reaction mechanism and the role of mixed metal oxide in the ethanol conversion to high value oxygenates.