(65f) Particle Fluid Dynamic Code Validation with Hydrodynamic Experiments | AIChE

(65f) Particle Fluid Dynamic Code Validation with Hydrodynamic Experiments


Reinking, Z. - Presenter, University of Utah
Hamilton, M. A., CPFD Software
Whitty, K., The University of Utah
Lighty, J. S., Boise State University
Chemical looping with oxygen uncoupling (CLOU) is a promising carbon capture technology, that utilizes a dual fluidized bed interconnected by loopseals to selectively separate oxygen from ambient air. This study validated Barracuda-VR® hydrodynamic simulations of dual circulating fluidized bed. The experiments were run on a scaled-down cold-flow unit of a 100 kW dual reactor to find the quantities of interest: circulation rate, bed mass location distribution, and pressure profile. The numerical parameters of time step and grid resolution were studied to find the numeric uncertainty for the quantities of interest. The scenario parameters of flowrates, particle densities, and particle voidage were studied. The uncertainty from the model parameters of tangent-to-wall, drag multiplier, and stress model were studied. Simulation and experimental results matched over some of the parameters studied. These can be used to scale the system back to the 100 kW dual reactor and to a larger system.


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