(658e) Robust Multi-Period and Multi-Objective Strategic Planning of Hydrogen Networks | AIChE

(658e) Robust Multi-Period and Multi-Objective Strategic Planning of Hydrogen Networks


Ogumerem, G. S. - Presenter, Texas A&M University
Tso, W. W., Texas A&M University
Demirhan, C. D., Texas A&M University
Kim, C., Texas A&M University
Pistikopoulos, E., Texas A&M Energy Institute, Texas A&M University
As renewable energies gain more traction due to improving efficiencies and decreasing costs, there will be a gradual shift away from dependence on fossil fuels toward the deployment of carbon-neutral energy technologies. One such energy vector is hydrogen, which has enormous potential as a renewable fuel for vehicle mobility and electricity generation. However, its integration into the energy landscape is currently strained by the dearth of enabling infrastructure. Several options exist for the production, storage, distribution and retailing of hydrogen to end users, but it is unresolved how to develop this infrastructure given different short- and long-term technological and economic actualizations.

What is the most energy efficient, environmentally benign, and cost effective pathways to deliver hydrogen to the consumer considering these uncertainties? To answer this question, several groups have investigated multi-objective supply chain optimization for hydrogen infrastructural development [1-3]. A few have considered a multi-period approach [4-6], and even fewer have considered uncertainty in the supply chain [7, 8].

Here, we propose a multi-period and multi-objective mixed-integer programming approach to the optimal planning of hydrogen infrastructures. By incorporating recent advances in robust optimization [9] in the strategic planning model, we address uncertainty by designing robust hydrogen networks that are protected against different technological and economic realizations. In the United States, California is taking the lead with more than 20 hydrogen retailing stations spread across the state [9]. To demonstrate our method, we present a scenario analysis using California as a case study.

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