(640d) Graphene Oxide/Lipid Composite Material Towards a Multifunctional Drug Delivery Vehicle

Wujcik, E. K., The University of Alabama
Jeffryes, C. S., Lamar University
Phan, V., Lamar University
Rahman, A., Lamar University
Lu, Y., The University of Alabama
A graphene oxide [GO]/lipid composite for an enhanced and multifunctional drug delivery vehicle has been devised. In this study, liposomes were prepared using the gentle hydration method and integrated with GO, to advance the loading of payloads via noncovalent bonding—so as not to deform the confirmation of the bound molecule. Fluorescent integration of the liposome and GO was analyzed and monitored under light microscopy and UV-vis spectroscopy. This work can also be extended to theranostic processes, such as detection and delivery schemes.