(604d) Synthesis of Nanostructured Inorganic Perovskites for Solar Cell Applications

Hadi, A., Iowa State University
Nelson, R. D., Iowa State University
Cleveland, I. J., Iowa State University
Jacoby, J. M., Iowa State University
Panthani, M. G., Iowa State University
The fabrication of stable, efficient, and low-cost solar cells has been an ongoing challenge in the field of photovoltaic. Perovskite materials have been able to partly address these characteristics. In particular, lead-based hybrid organic-inorganic perovskites have demonstrated high power conversion efficiency (up to 22%). However, these materials suffer from poor stability in the presence of oxygen and humidity, and upon exposure to light and heat. To solve this, we are trying to synthesize layered 2D and quasi-2D structures of CsPbI3 perovskites. We implemented bulky organic cations such as PEA+ and nBA+ in the structure of CsPbI3 perovskites to stabilize their more efficient phase (cubic) and protect them from degradation by moisture and oxygen. Our absorbance data suggest the improved stability of thin-films prepared by such materials. Addressing the stability issues of perovskites without compromising their efficiency could be the first step toward their commercialization for solar cell applications.