(603a) Molybdenum Dioxide Functionalized CoP Porous Nanocatalyst for Highly Efficient Hydrogen Evolution

Ding, L. X., South China University of Technology
Wang, H., South China University of Technology
Wang, J., South China University of Technology
The development of highly active and stable catalysts based on low-cost materials for hydrogen evolution reaction (HER) is crucial to catalytic water splitting. In this work, we report on using molybdenum oxide as an intermediary (pore-forming agent and molybdenum dioxide precursor) to synthesis molybdenum dioxide functionalized CoP nanosheets for HER. By virtue of modulating hydrogen adsorption/desorption energies on the central CoP, together with the in situ formation of the porous structure, the as-prepared porous CoP/MoO2 hybrid nanosheets exhibit an excellent HER catalytic performance, only requiring small overpotential of 41 mV to support a current density of 20 mA cm-2, which is comparable catalytic performance to Pt/C benchmark and exceeds all reported transition-metal phosphides HER catalysts.