(593a) Novel Bio-Based Polyesters and Polycarbonates Derived from Xylochemicals

Stanzione, J. F. III, Rowan University
Curia, S., Rowan University
Bassett, A. W., Rowan University
La Scala, J. J., Army Research Laboratory
The utilization of wood-derived building blocks (xylochemicals) to replace fossil-based precursors is an attractive research subject of modern polymer science. The continuing development of new bio-based feedstocks, including biofuel coproducts, opens opportunities to increase the resource base from which chemical and materials engineers can draw to meet specific polymer property requirements. Recently, significant efforts have transpired to obtain bio-based polymers and copolymers with enhanced thermomechanical properties for a wide variety of applications. In continuing these efforts, we have prepared and examined novel linear polyesters and polycarbonates derived from xylochemicals. Bio-based bisphenolic analogues were synthesised via electrophilic aromatic condensations of lignin-based building blocks. These bisphenolics were subsequently polymerized with multiple diacid chlorides/diacids to prepare a series of polyesters with varied and well-defined thermomechanical properties. The strategically selected diacid chlorides/diacids includes those that can also be derived from xylochemicals, such as succinic acid and 2,5-furandicarboxylic acid. Additionally, the same bisphenolic analogues were used for the synthesis of polycarbonates. These novel thermoplastics were characterized to assess their structure-property relationships and compared to industrial, fossil-based “equivalents”. The results of our study illustrate that these new polymers are valid alternatives to fossil-based materials currently employed in the plastics industry. Additionally, our work demonstrates the value-added uses of xylochemicals and biofuel coproducts for sustainable manufacturing.


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