(583t) Pretreatment of Solid Wastes from Vegetable Processing for Biofuel Production

Revellame, E., University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Holmes, W., University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Fortela, D. L., University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Blue, D., University of Lafayette, Louisiana
Solid vegetable wastes, consisting of mainly onions, were subjected to acid and alkali pretreatment for biofuel production through microbial processes (i.e. aerobic and anaerobic digestion). RSM design was applied to determine optimum conditions (maximum sugar yield, minimum inhibitor yield) for the pretreatments. Preliminary results indicated that optimum yields can be obtained at 3.5 wt.% HCl and 50C, and 7% KOH and 100C for acid and alkali pretreatment, respectively.