(573c) Fluidized-Bed Drying Process Based on Self-Heat Recuperation Technology

Tsutsumi, A., The University of Tokyo
Chen, L., University of Tokyo
Mizuno, H., The University of Tokyo
Kansha, Y., The University of Tokyo
A novel fluidized-bed evaporator for seawater desalination and biomass drying processes was proposed based on self-heat recuperation technology, in which all the heat of process streams is recirculated inside the system. Process simulation results showed that the energy consumption of the proposed process can be reduced to one-quarter than of a conventional process. However, in the case of high moisture content several problems are caused such as scale deposition on the surface of the heat exchanger, agglomeration of fluidizing particles, etc. In the present study, for the development of the drying process using the fluidized bed, evaporation experiments in a fluidized bed were conducted and the agglomeration behavior of the fluidized particles with seawater feed was investigated.