(546i) Fused Deposition Modeling of Biocidal Formulations

Groven, L. J. - Presenter, South Dakota School of Mines & Technology
Fused Deposition Modeling of Biocidal Formulations

Fidel D. Ruz-Nuglo and Lori J. Groven

Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering,

South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, Rapid City, South Dakota


Fused deposition modeling is a widely used technique for achieving additively manufactured materials. In recent years the technique has been used to print not only polymer filaments but highly solid loaded filaments where the inclusion content exceeds 70 wt%. A very good example is that of the metallized filaments where 80% aluminum or brass can be successfully printed. Therefore, it is expected that one could develop a highly solids loaded reactive filament and print if the polymer characteristics are favorable towards such. In this work, we demonstrate for the first time the development of a biocidal filament that can be printed with any off the shelf FDM system. The filament and subsequent printed materials are characterized for their aging/stability, combustion, thermal degradation profile, mechanical properties and ability for tailored iodine release.