(546b) Investigation of Ignition in HMX Using the Henson-Smilowitz Reaction Model

Mesoscale simulations to study ignition behavior of an energetic material (HMX) due to hot spot formation by the shock-induced void collapse phenomena are performed using Eulerian Cartesian grid based solver (SCIMITAR3D). The chemistry is modeled using the Henson-Smilowitz(HS) multistep chemical kinetics mechanism. The HS model is implemented into the flow solver using the Strang splitting method. The phenomena of void collapse leading to formation of hot spots, triggering of chemical reactions and ignition are studied, taking into account the disparate time scales of each of the different physical mechanisms involved. The influence of heat diffusion on initiation of chemical reaction is also investigated. A parametric study based on different imposed particle velocities is performed to understand its dependency on the ignition behavior of HMX.