(544f) Lignin Conversion and Upgrading to High Octane Number Gasoline

Feng, M., Southwest Research Institute
Yang, B., Washington State University Tri-Cities
The current vision of biofuels production undervalues lignin’s potential to address the nation’s high quality liquid fuel requirements. Upgrading lignin to high octane number gasoline would significantly improve the total carbon use in biomass, enhance revenues, make biomass conversion more economically competitive, and support our country’s mission of national energy security. In this study, hydrodeoxygenation of lignin model compounds and Kraft lignin over the combinations of Pd/alumina, Ni/alumina, and Ni-Mo/alumina in water-alcohol mixed solution was investigated. Results showed that 82% lignin was converted to products with up to 96% product selectivity that had the octane number over 100. In addition, the reactivity of lignin and its interactions with the chemical catalysis systems were studied to reveal the principles of the reaction mechanism, its control, and applications.