(536h) Integrated Adsorption and Visible-Light-Driven Photocatalytic Degradation of MB over Oxidized C60/NH2-MIL68(In) | AIChE

(536h) Integrated Adsorption and Visible-Light-Driven Photocatalytic Degradation of MB over Oxidized C60/NH2-MIL68(In)


Li, X. - Presenter, South China University of Technology
Pi, Y., South China University of Technology
Li, Z., South China University of Technology
Xiao, J., South China University of Technology

adsorption and visible-light-driven photocatalytic degradation of MB over oxidized

Yunhong Pi, Xiyi Li, Zhong Li, Jing

light harvesting and charge separation are critical for the artificial systems.
As an excellent electron acceptor, fullerene (C60) is anchored on
MOFs via carboxylic acid groups for improved adsorption and photocatalytic
performance. The oxidized C60 is successfully anchored on NH2-MIL-68(In)
through facile dynamic solvothermal method. No loss of the crystalline lattice
of NH2-MIL-68(In) is observed (Figure 1). The UV-Vis spectra is
enhanced in the visible light region with a slight red shift, resulting in
narrowed band gap of ~0.1 eV (Figure 2). The composite exhibits much higher
adsorption of MB through enhanced ¦Ð-¦Ð interactions with more delocalized
electrons, as well as highly efficient photodegradation of MB with efficient transfer
of the photogenerated carriers under visible light (Figure 3). The
photocatalytic kinetic constant of Ox-C60/NH2-MIL-68(In)
is almost two times higher than that of the parent NH2-MIL-68(In). As
an integrated adsorption-catalysis system for dye degradation, this work
demonstrated an excellent example of using C60/MOF composite for the
effective integrated adsorption-photocatalytic degradation of dyes (Scheme 1).

Key words: fullerene, MOF,
adsorption, photodegradation, MB

Figure 1 Simulated PXRD pattern and XRD patterns of Ox-C60, NH2-MIL-68(In), and Ox-C60/NH2-MIL-68(In) composite.






Figure 2 UV-Vis DRS spectra and plots of (Ahv)1/2 vs. photon energy of NH2-MIL-68(In), Ox-C60/NH2-MIL-68(In) composite and Ox-C60. Photographs of (a) NH2-MIL-68(In), (b) Ox-C60/NH2-MIL-68(In) are presented in the inset.


Figure 3 Photocatalytic efficiency of MB under different conditions.


Scheme 1 Schematic illustration of the integrated adsorption and photodegradation of MB on Ox-C60/NH2-MIL-68(In) composite.



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