(529e) Plasmonic Catalysts As Efficient Catalysts for Cross Coupling Reactions

Dadgar, A. - Presenter, Oklahoma State University
Mohammadparast, F., Oklahoma state University
Andiappan, M., Oklahoma State University
Plasmonic Catalysts as Efficient catalysts for Cross Coupling Reactions

Andishaeh Dadgar, Farshid Mohammadparast, Mari Andiappan, School of Chemical Engineering, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, OK, USA

Cross coupling reactions are a diverse set of reactions that are widely used throughout industry. For instance, cross coupling reactions make up 25% of all pharmaceutical reactions. They are also used for many advanced materials such as metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) and OLED materials. The main drawback that limits the reactions though is the wide use of homogenous palladium catalyst at high temperatures.

To overcome this limitation, we propose heterogeneous plasmonic catalysts to drive cross couplings under relatively mild conditions. With plasmonic nanocatalyst, we show improved rate of reaction and stability at a lower temperature than previously seen with conventional Pd catalysts. Furthermore, with in operando measurements we demonstrate the stability of the catalyst as a function of time, solvent, and temperature. The implications of this work are a.) find a suitable replacement for homogenous palladium b.) develop a heterogeneous catalyst capable of long term stability for scale up to a continuous flow system.