(500f) The Development of an Interactive Knowlege Epicenter for the Advancement of Continuous Manufacturing

Donnellan, P., University College Dublin
Continuous manufacturing has increased in popularity amongst pharmaceutical organisations in recent times, and much research is currently being conducted both in academic and industrial settings. However a large portion of the research which is being conducted may be classified as precompetitive and thus a significant opportunity exists for the industry as a whole to augment knowledge accumulation rates by working together and developing one common, central space where information can be easily presented, located and interacted with. The Continuous Manufacturing Repository is being developed in order to achieve this objective. It is an easily accessible online environment in which participating companies can selectively share their publically available presentations and/or publications, creating the 'one-stop-shop' for continuous manufacturing knowledge. This presentation will focus on how the CM repository works, how companies can get involved and will demonstrate the long term vision for the repository.